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Individual Portraits
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The approach is similar to the Family Portrait sessions in terms of discussions on style, black and white, colour etc. And, as with Family Portraits, portraiture can be in the studio or on location.

We would expect individuals might like several changes of clothes, casual, formal, and where appropriate, just fun.

ReclinerWe would encourage pictures with, say, musical instruments, sports gear, etc.

We are aware that our subjects may be very young and conversely, not so young. Obviously we are sympathetic to this and temper our suggestions accordingly.

Black DoorFrom a selection of 5" x 4" photographs (the number usually exceeds 12) any three printed in the initial portfolio of portraits are included in our fee.

Rabbit ShoesThe portfolio can be taken home and the choice made at your leisure. Obviously more than three of the pictures are available if you wish…but there is no pressure.

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