Current Paintings and Drawings by John Roberts

The prices shown here are for the painting or drawing framed by the artist with individually chosen, good quality frames, and complete with fixings ready to hang.

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Artist: John Roberts Evening shopping
Title: Evening shopping
Media: oil on panel
Size: 18x14.5"
Description: The Thoroughfare on a late autumn evening is busy as always and as always, looks inviting.
Price: £1400.00

Artist: John Roberts American Root
Title: American Root
Media: oil on panel
Size: 24x32"
Description: This uprooted tree reveals the fight for life being fought out of sight and reminds this artist of other issues conveniently put aside but waiting - perhaps - to burst forth.
Price: £1400.00

Artist: John Roberts The Edge
Title: The Edge
Media: oil on panel
Size: 20x30"
Description: The Edge was created to acknowledge the power of nature and weather in particular.
Price: £1100.00

Artist: John Roberts Approach to Woodbridge Town
Title: Approach to Woodbridge Town
Media: oil on panel
Size: 21x16"
Description: The visual delights of Woodbridge are revealed, for this artist, as one approaches the town centre along Ipswich Road. Also revealed is one of many refreshment stops offered by the town.
Price: £1200.00

Artist: John Roberts Hero Square
Title: Hero Square
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 19x11"
Description: A fascinating mix of period styles and pastiches confronts the visitor to this leisure and commemorative square in Budapest.
Price: £895.00

Artist: John Roberts View from Kyson Point
Title: View from Kyson Point
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 42x21"
Description: View across the River Deben from Kyson Point. Woodbridge town is half a mile to the left and the sea is around 10 miles to the right.
Price: £1200.00

Artist: John Roberts Relaxation in Blue
Title: Relaxation in Blue
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 22x14"
Description: Simply elegant - and a more interesting vision to look at than the average i-phone user.
Price: £850.00

Artist: John Roberts Night in Budapest
Title: Night in Budapest
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 22x13"
Description: Budapest at night must be one of the wonders of the world. Despite its fairy-tale appearance it is real enough and the wonder is genuine.
Price: £1400.00

Artist: John Roberts Birches in Bromeswell
Title: Birches in Bromeswell
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 43x22.5
Description: Birches in a Suffolk grove. Their balletic limbs are a joy all year round but for this artist, especially in winter.
Price: £1200.00

Artist: John Roberts River wall
Title: River wall
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 32x12"
Description: The River wall looking back towards Woodbridge Town dominated by the ancient Tidemill. This is a favourite walk for visitors and locals. A tidal river and changeable weather means the experience is constantly renewed.
Price: £1200.00

Artist: John Roberts Church Street
Title: Church Street
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 20x19
Description: Church Street is one wing of the well-known Cross Corner - an area where locals and visitors are spoilt for choice when looking for pubs and restaurants.
Price: £1400.00

Artist: John Roberts Sicily
Title: Sicily
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 17x22
Description: A casual bohemian practicality gives much of historical Italy and especially, the island of Sicily a comfortable feeling of humanity at ease with itself that delights this artist.
Price: £950.00

Artist: John Roberts Bredfield in the snow
Title: Bredfield in the snow
Media: Oil on panel
Size: 22x10.5"
Description: A light covering of snow changes almost everything but not the skyline of this sleepy old village.
Price: £695.00

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